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The wood used in Carol's bases has an interesting story...

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Biography • Awards • Photos

Growing up in a ranching family, Carol has loved animals since childhood.

The history of California and the pioneers of the west are a part of Carol's heritage and family. Her great-great grandparents met and married on an oxen-drawn wagon train on April 27, 1859, as they were coming across the plains. They eventually settled in San Jose, California in the fall of 1859. Their journal, kept day-by-day, of coming across the plains chronicles their pioneering journey.

Thus, authentic attention to detail comes naturally to their descendent, Carol Owens. Growing up in a ranching family, Carol has loved animals (especially horses) since childhood. Carol's thorough knowledge of her subjects creates a visually correct portrayal as she blends artistic talent and accuracy.

Carol and her husband Jack have kept the family's hatchett brand for their cattle and horses, and it is now one of the oldest in continuous use in California. She lives the life of most of her bronzes – working cattle, and riding cutting horses.

A self-taught sculptor, Carol has received acclaim from her peers, cattlemen, horsemen, and artists alike. Carol won Best of Show at the Auburn, California Western & Equine Art show; the Poster Award & Best Western Bronze at the Trails West Art Association, Vancouver, Washington; the Bronze Award for Art of California Magazine; the Discovery Award, First Place Bronze Award at the Sierra Arts Conservatory Art Show; and many other prestigious awards throughout the west.


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