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page last updated January 3, 2006

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Man's Best Friend.

And Carol's, too...

If you've never met Carol with her dogs, you've missed out on a great time. If you're in the mood to gamble, play dice with "Shady" - but beware, this Kelpie tosses the dice for herself - and usually wins.

These bronzes make wonderful gifts and awards. For a truly special occasion, contact Carol to immortalize your Best Friend by having your dog's name engraved on the plate, or have a custom patina applied to match your dog's coat.

For details on a piece of art, click on the images below.
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This happy dog is always there for you.
"Long Day"

"Long Day"
At the end of a long day, this Best Friend curls up with your favorite boots - which is probably better than on your pillow.

"Schipperke" "Schipperke"
A perky, smart little dog.

"Border Collie" "Border Collie"
A great working dog and wonderful companion. This bronze can also be personalized with your dog's markings.

"Side Kick"

"Side Kick"
A faithful friend who asks nothing but to be with you.

"Don't Try It"
A helper that saves many steps.
"Working Kelpie" "Working Kelpie"
Will go all day until the job is done.

"Ready to Go" "Ready to Go"
Who hasn't seen this look of anticipation on their own working dog?


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